About Me

About Me

Well, what’s happening here? Looks like you found the page about me!

Alright, since you would probably want to know, that’s me on top. Wedding photography is not my full time job, but is more of a hobby. So yeah, I’m not a professional photographer per se. But yes, in return for my photography services, I’d gladly accept your money. Use the contact page to get in touch.

When I’m not shooting weddings, I indulge in some rocket science at the mothership. Well, not anymore! I now freelance, developing websites along with providing web solutions to small businesses, individuals and social media agencies. This gives me time to travel around India and indulge in a lot of chai drinking sessions.

If I seem familiar, then we probably crossed paths in school (St. Britto’s, Mapusa) or college (St. Xavier’s, Mapusa). Or, you might have seen me keep goal for PVC Parra, back in its glory days.

I’ve left a few links below. So, feel free to stalk me on the interwebs.

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