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Susan & Scott

Susan & Scott

Prior to looking for photographers to shoot our mixed cultured wedding in Goa, we had a list of Do’s and Don’ts in a photographer that we knew we had to look at first, in order to make sure we enjoyed our day. We wanted candid photography, natural lookers, non-posers. We definitely did NOT want to spend most or all of our day, posing for photos, putting on that fake smile, posing in some awkward positions, constantly being nagged to stop what we were doing and pose for a photo, this list could go on…. And then we read Lovells website. His quirky ‘About me’ honesty, no bulls@*t was a win to start with and we thought he could be the man for the job. And we were right, working with Lovell, piece of cake, you wouldn’t know he was there, we asked for Candid we got just that if not more, we were 80% of the time on the dance floor going crazy and not once were we stopped to take posed photos but yet he captured the crazy, action filled characters in the moment. He understands the clients requirement and delivers, he is professional to deal with, we were constantly kept informed of plans and the process right from the start to the end until we got the albums in our hand. He captures the right moments, there’s no fussing around trying to get him to get a shot (which by then he’d have probably already either thought of it or has shot it). Would be unfair on our part to not mention his partner in crime on that day, Warren Rodrigues who also ticked off all the right boxes for the day and allowed us to have a fun filled day. They are both amazing at what they do and also kudos to them for putting up with my crazy loud family and my forever impatient husband.

If you want to enjoy your big day and end up with amazing photos for your album, wall, big screen, utmost professionalism, whateverrrr… Give Lovell a call! Worth every penny.

Abbey & Chris - Wedding, Goa

Abbey & Chris

I found Lovell on google when we needed a photographer for our wedding in India, I had emailed a few times to set up an initial meeting once we landed and ideas I had for the photos. Once we got there and met, it was clear he knew his stuff, I wasn’t worried once about the photos. He was constantly darting around with his camera catching all the amazing parts of our wedding, he worked hard, and me, my husband and family are astounded with the quality of the images and the photos that he took that evening.

The good service didn’t finish there as we had to fly home he rushed through the editing process for us once we had chosen our photos that we liked for the album, as we were leaving early it wasn’t possible to wait for the album in India but Lovell didn’t give up and asked a few vendors for us, unfortunately we had to fly home without an album but Lovell found an English company to print the book for us with his lovely well thought out design inside.

Even now when I look through the album I see things I hadn’t spotted before, all the photos are in a wonderful order and you feel like you were there on the day, despite family members missing the day they have said that they felt like they hadn’t missed it through the sheer quality of the photos, the photos capture every amazing moment we had. We can’t say a big enough thank you, but thank you for all your hard work and amazing designs. Abbey and Chris.

Howrah Bridge Bokeh

Rimi Raman & Family

My family is overwhelmed with the pictures of the event.Lovell is very patient and captures moments to be relished

Janet & Melvin

Janet & Melvin

We absolutely loved to have our wedding photographed by Lovell. The pictures came out excellent. I definitely recommend him for any such events.

Saaniya & Thomas

Saaniya & Thomas

After researching local photographers in Goa, I chose Lovell because of his quality work and how he described himself. Further to that, he also understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and as a result, he managed to capture the perfect shots of my proposal to my now Fiance.

Top work Lovell, well executed candid pictures and you were a pleasure to work with. Thomas

The Patel Family

Shreena & Family

Worked with Lovell on a family shoot at the beach on our Goa vaycay. He was super easy to work with, got back to our emails and texts with speed. The photos turned out amazing just what we were looking for natural shots with a few posed. He was fast getting the edits done, even with his busy schedule. If you're ever in Goa looking for a photographer he's your guy! Thanks Lovell it was a pleasure working with you.

Nilima & Lesley - Wedding, Goa

Nilima & Lesley

We would absolutely recommend Lovell to anybody planning a wedding. He is so professional and his photos are the best. He truly captured every single moment perfectly without feeling like we were posing. We had so many wonderful comments and compliments on our pictures. Thank you so much Lovell!!

Elita & Joel

Joel & Elita

Lovell is a very experienced photographer. The photos he captured were amazing and we liked it very much. He was very flexible with the timings and was ready with the shoot in a very quick time. Our friends were impressed with the quality of the photos and the album. It was worth the time and money. Thanks Lovell for such amazing work!

Prerna & Family

Prerna & Family

Working with Lovell for a family photoshoot was a great experience. He and his wife Priya, were super helpful and made sure we got multiple shots and angles of a large family all within an hour. He's also really cooperative, and is willing to work within your guidelines without any fuss. The turnaround on the pictures was super quick, and they're beautiful! If clean, natural and not over edited is what you're looking for, then Lovell is your guy.

Paresh & Family

Paresh & Family

I was in goa celebrating my 50th birthday and got lovell's contact through my daughter's friend who had highly recommended lovell . i am very happy that i could get lovell who is a great photograper and capture all over family members in natural expressions . all in my family are raving about how lovely the pictures are . thanks lovell for capturing memorable moments ! keep the good work going.

Analese & Kenrick

Analese & Kenrick

We visited Lovell's website when we were looking for photographers to cover our wedding. And we immediately decided he is the best guy after seeing the following lines on his FAQ page "Most of the time you will not notice me while I work. I will not be in your face all the time, nor will I be pushing people around to capture photos, etc.

And that's exactly what happened. We absolutely loved the album and all the photos he got. What made the whole process enjoyable is the fact that Lovell is such a wonderful guy to deal with, very prompt in replying to emails/messages. He is by far the best professional I have dealt with.

I would definitely recommend his work!

Emma & Mark

Emma & Mark

Lovell has my highest recommendation for his professionalism, quality of work and ability to understand what you are trying to achieve. We booked him for an engagement shoot while in Goa and he was fantastic at handling the arrangements by email, choosing the perfect location, making us feel really at ease and producing some incredible pictures for us to cherish. He went above and beyond by even designing our Save the Date cards when we had returned to the UK. I cannot recommend him enough, a real pleasure to work with.

Guru's Family Shoot at the Beach

Guru & Prianka

The photo shoot was planned for an hour in the evening. The same morning my wife and I were trying to count the number of poses we had at our disposal. It took us less than five minutes to run out of ideas.

Moreover the weather was unpredictable and our 8 month old was no less threatening. However, Lovell was very flexible when it came to the schedule and that was a big help since our baby was the star of the photo shoot. Lovell not only recommended a beautiful spot, but also breezed through the shoot effortlessly all the while making us feel relaxed and comfortable. His wife Priya was excellent company who also had some great ideas and overall it felt like hanging out at the beach with couple of friends who are terrific photographers. In conclusion, all we had to do was get dressed and reach the location.

Guru’s Family Shoot at the Coco Beach.

Natasha + Ashburn

Natasha & Ashburn

After an extensive search for Photographers in Goa, I couldn’t be happier to have come across Lovell. It was an utmost pleasure to work with him. His is prompt, flexible and super responsive. We’ve loved all the pics he has taken for us and love it more every time we see them.

He is worth every penny and you will not be disappointed.To top it all off he and his wife are some of the coolest guys I have met and so fun to be around.

Can’t wait to work on the next project with him. Good luck Lovell and Thanks so much for everything.

Natasha & Ashburn – A couple shoot at the Ashwem/Morjim beach.

Raisa + Nahvin - Engagement, Goa

Raisa & Nashvin

Finally someone that captures it right! We’ve hired many photographers in the past for various occasions; some well experienced who unfortunately leaned towards a more clichéd approach, others with a fresh mindset who we believed would explore new dimensions in photography but failed us. As usual, we hit google to append our database and stumbled upon Lovell’s website. Impressed with His work we decided to shoot him an email requesting his services for our engagement. His reply was prompt, straight forward and yet courteous. He scored a +1 there! This followed with a phone call and a meeting. That’s where we met his wife Priya; warm and loving. Although our meeting was centered around business and formalities, the two of them left us with a touch of warmth and trust. The follow up communications were a breeze!

On the day of our engagement we noticed Lovell and Priya seamlessly capturing all candids through the evening without causing hindrance to anyone. The family portraits at the end are usually the worst for a photographer (and for the hosts fake smiling when we actually wanna go hit the sack!) but the duo were very pleasant and patient till the very end. So far they had a perfect score. All that was left was the album and for me to give my verdict.

We received the album last week. We were overwhelmed with joy as we flipped through pages! Not only were the moments captured beautifully but there was something indescribable in every pic that gave it an oomph; Certainly depicted passion! This time we dint go wrong!! Our families and friends too loved the album and have taken down his contact. I can confidently say, today we have the best database for photographers… Comprising of a single record of course! : Lovell D’Souza photography Thank you Lovell and Priya! :) God bless!

Erica & Rohit - Wedding, Goa

Erica & Rohit

Lovell is by far one of the best professionals (not just photographers) I have had the pleasure of working with. Erica and I spent a lot of time researching photographers for our wedding in India. We had at first limited our search to photographers based out of Seattle/ Pacific Northwest (mainly because we thought coordinating long distance would be a challenge) but we found that most photographers had a very cheesy portfolio. We also decided to expand our search to US and India. Erica found Lovell through some internet searches. We liked his work best out of anyone we had seen so far. We found that his pictures had a great ‘real’ feel to it, captured all of the emotions going on at a wedding, and each picture was simply extremely well shot. It turned out that Lovell was based out of Goa (the venue for our wedding). We got talking and just with the first exchange felt entirely comfortable working with Lovell.

Folks looking for a photographer can probably decide on Lovell’s superlative skills by looking at his work so I am not going to expound on that anymore. I can only just add that with Lovell and his wife Priya completely felt like that they were part of the family. Lovell went so far as to take a suitcase full of wedding clothes to dry-cleaning when even the wedding planner was reluctant to offer to help (quite frankly he almost forced us to accept his help!).

Lovell is talented, professional, warm, friendly, efficient and transparent in his process. It was a great experience working with him and we were able to step around any challenges such as the time difference, exchanging large sized files, making payments, etc.

Thank you Lovell for capturing our memories as beautifully as ONLY you could have.

Baishali & Atul - Wedding, Goa

Baishali & Atul

Much like any newly engaged couple, we were very meticulous in finding someone who would be able to capture the best memories of our wedding day. So, when we came across Lovell’s website, we were very impressed with his artistic approach and appreciation for photography. Our experience with Lovell made our day even more special and working with him was an absolute pleasure! We wanted both the traditional and candid moments of the wedding to be captured and Lovell took the time to understand our vision and more than delivered! At any point if we had a question or comment for Lovell he was never more than a call/email/text away and was always very prompt and professional about answering.

During the wedding he (and his lovely wife, Priya) took a plethora of photos, which included not only the wedding rituals but lots of photos of the guests as well (allowing us the opportunity to really see how everyone enjoyed the evening). He sent us the photos via DropBox and gave us ample time to choose from them and then put together a work of art in our album.

Lovell’s involvement went beyond just being a brilliant photographer, he even took the time to ensure that we would be able to receive the album outside of India with minimal inconvenience and we can’t thank him enough for that! At the end of the wedding experience, the photos were one of the most important piece to the wedding for us and we were extremely lucky to have been able to work with Lovell, would recommend him time and time again.

Tulsi and John Paul - The Wedding

Tulsi & John Paul

If you want the absolute best in photography, Lovell is the the go-to guy! He was my wedding photographer and he captured shots that expressed the true emotions of that day. We absolutely loved the pics which were taken right from the moment we were getting ready for the wedding to the time we left after the reception. His timing with the photographs, his creativity in making dull photos come alive and his personal touch where he makes sure to put in something extra behind each photo, truly make him the best photographer I have seen so far.

I would recommend him not just for your wedding but for any special occasion that you want to remember for the rest of your life. His photos speak to you in such a way that even if you see them after 10 years you can feel the same happiness that you felt on your special day. I can actually go on to write an essay but would sum it up in just 2 words “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!” But don’t just take my word, see for yourself and be amazed :)

Neha & Abhinav

Neha & Abhinav

After a wedding is over, all you can take with you are the memories in form of photographs. Having Lovell do our wedding photos was the best decision I made for our wedding. His style is like that of a ninja photographer. He works in the shadows — never overbearing or ruining the ceremony for the guests. He does his work in a quiet way and gets the right shots with perfect timing. I never had to make the usual “ridiculous wedding poses”. He was cool and casual and made us feel very relaxed — which of course resulted in excellent photographs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

At Shungetser Tso / Madhuri Lake

Savio & Anthia

An absolute delight to be photographed by Lovell. My fiance and me had planned a photo-shoot in Goa, over the weekend for which we had specially flown down from Bombay. It was also going to be a surprise proposal shoot for her. Lovell let us be us and was going about his job with finesse. His tips helped us get some beautiful pictures and memories for a lifetime. Would highly recommend Lovell for all your candid photography.

Colonia de Flores

Carl Costa (Cosme Costa and Associates)

In my short interaction with Lovell, I found him to be very professional and completely straight to the point when it came to the commercial part. His skills with the camera can be seen in the quality of the photos. The entire process was trouble free and I would definitely choose him to do another project photo shoot with us again.

Colonia de Flores

A Pensive Polaroid - Facebook

Siddhartha Mukherjee

I had the pleasure of meeting Lovell when he visited VIT University to give a talk on wedding photography. I had already seen almost all his work, though it was a completely different experience to hear about it all from him in person. He lucidly explained the technical details, and more so the intuitive ones that only come forward after a lot of experience.

His work sets him apart in the innate candidness that fills each frame, with a perfect sense of composition and an almost prophetic timing. Although a big name in his field, his presence was always jolly, lightened by the witty anecdotes surrounding his work. He is as inspiring in his work as he is wonderful to know as a person.

A Pensive Polaroid – Facebook

Tushar & Abigail

Abigail Fontes & Tushar Date

Lovell’s photography struck us as being very unique and different. During the wedding events, he was very professional with his work and we were confident that the results would be great. We were not disappointed – his shots were candid and he focused more on capturing the event, rather than cheesy poses, which was exactly what we were looking for.

We were incredibly fortunate to have Lovell be our wedding photographer and highly recommend his work!

· Tushar and Abigail
· Abigail and Tushar

Phorum & Nishit

Phorum & Nishit

“So, what do we do,” I asked Lovell as we walked down the steps towards Vagator Beach last December. “Just be yourself, anything,” he responded, as my husband and I got jittery for our first ever ‘candid shoot’. Now, with the photos in our album, I can easily say it was one of the most fun evenings we spent in Goa. Be it gazing at the sunset, splashing water at each other or make a total fool of ourselves in front of a few locals who thought we were celebrities — it was simply fantastic. And, each picture captures the experience perfectly.

Rebyl and Daniel - The Wedding

Rebyl Pinto & Daniel Peddity

By far one of the Best Photographer I’ve known, purely of his skills and interest. I was privileged to have Lovell click at my wedding and the pics turned out really beautiful! We loved all the pics and surely recommend him for any wedding ceremony. Trust me you don’t wanna miss on those wonderful moments being captured by Lovell.

Just Married

Marie-dale Pais & Rohit Pinto

Undoubtedly the best photographer I’ve come across! What I really loved about Lovell’s photography is that he captures the actual emotions as they pop up. Its the best possible way of documenting the occasion, today when I glance through the album, every photograph tells a story, and the story isn’t one of someone directing me how to stand or sit or where to look or where my hand, leg, foot etc. should be. With Lovell as a photographer, you don’t need acting lessons to have a good looking photograph.

Kiran & Adarsh

Kiran & Adarsh

Truly brilliant photography by Lovell. He has an excellent eye and actually knows what he’s doing when he fiddles with the buttons on his DSLR. We’ll be using many of them for our album! Definitely recommend him for your wedding!

Samantha & Denver - Wedding, Goa

Samantha & Denver

Having Lovell photograph our wedding was one of the best decisions. He’s absolutely brilliant in what he does. I don’t even remember seeing him for most of the time, yet he captured every moment. He was our ‘Invisible Photographer’. I probably fall in the category of people who make not so pretty pictures but I’m definitely going to be taking out that wedding album every time someone drops by. Working with him was a breeze. He handled everything professionally and was very cooperative and accommodating to all of our needs. I would recommend him over and over again for all occasions.

Mariella and Conrad - The Wedding

Mariella & Conrad

Passion, skill and creativity is what sums up Lovell D’souza’s Photography. If there is any body that could capture true emotion, in its real sense its got to be Lovell to give you the character of your snap. So give him a try and amaze your self.

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