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Weddings by Lovell D'souza

Photography has always been fun. Something I got into by accident. You can ask me to narrate the “How the Canon 1000D asked me to pick it up” story over a drink some day. Wedding photography however, has been even more fun. As clichéd as it may sound, making those memories has always been a source of great pleasure. From clicking friends’ weddings with the cheap Canon 1000D and 50mm f1.8 lens to making wedding memories with a 5D Mark II with L series weaponry attached to it, it has been three exciting years of rocket science.

Here is a photo collection of all the weddings I have clicked so far. You will find Flickr links to most of the wedding albums (Some albums are private). If you think it would be an awesome idea to have me document your wedding, leave me a note on my contact page and I shall let you know that the idea is awesome indeed and will get back to you ASAP.

Like my Facebook Page for updates. I tend to show off/rant a lot over there. You can read the reviews, left by folks I have worked with on the link provided or on my Google Places Page. Below are the albums. Have fun. Feel free to go through the Wedding FAQs in case required.

Please note: I've taken an indefinite break from shooting weddings, couples, and families for now. Hence I've disabled my contact form temporarily. In the meanwhile, if you wish to avail of photography services, please contact this nice chap named Warren.

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Joanne & Levino

Joanne & Levino

Photographs from the wedding of Joanne & Levino.

Mave & Eric – Wedding in Goa

Mave & Eric

April 11, 2012. Mapusa, Goa. Mave and Eric get married. Here are a few photos from the wedding day.

Clare & Suneet · Wedding in Goa by Lovell D'souza

Clare & Suneet

November 29th, 2014. Parra, Goa. Another friend ties the knot. More like exchanged rings actually. Here are some photos from the wedding of Suneet & Clare.

Shruti & Pawan - Goa - Weddings by Lovell D'souza

Shruti & Pawan

Fun, family and love came together for the two-day extravaganza that marked Pavan and Shruti's wedding in Goa.

Alyxha & Mikael – Wedding, Goa – Weddings by Lovell D'souza

Alyxha & Mikael

Scenes from the wedding of Alyxha and Mikael, which took place at the church of St. Alex in Calangute.

Keerthi & Dhiraj – Wedding, Guntur

Keerthi & Dhiraj

It was out first visit to Guntur , and we spent some time roaming the streets savoring the local delicacies and capturing Ingress portals along with photos.

Jennie & Yuri – Wedding in Goa

Jennie & Yuri

Jennie and Yuri, the lovely couple from Santa Cruz, walked down the aisle at the Holy Cross Shrine, Bambolim and exchanged their vows.

Tahura & Shah-Ul-Hamid – Wedding, Goa

Tahura & Shah-Ul-Hamid

The wedding of Tahura Khwaja and Shah-Ul-Hamid Kazi. A beautiful two day affair of joy and blessing, made a beautiful wedding that we got to witness.

Radhika and Malcolm · Wedding, Goa

Radhika & Malcolm

Jan 4th, 2014. The day that Radhika and Malcolm became husband and wife. I was trusted with the important job of handling their wedding photography,

Nadine & Ariel – Wedding, Goa

Nadine & Ariel

Dec 22, 2013. Nadine and Ariel decide to walk down the aisle and become husband and wife.

Sugandha & Nitiksh · Wedding, Puri/Bhubaneshar (Orissa)

Sugandha & Nitiksh

Fun, frolic and fanfare surrounded the wedding of Sugandha and Nitiksh which was held close to the beach, at Puri. Here are a few photos from their big day!

Kiranmai & Praveen · Wedding in Hyderabad

Kiranmai & Praveen

A cut down collection of photos from the wedding album of Kiranmai and Praveen, which took place in Hyderabad.

Samantha & Brijesh – Wedding (Mangalore)

Samantha & Brijesh

It was 'love at first sight' for Samantha and Brijesh years ago at their workplace.

Kiran & Adarsh – Wedding, Bangalore

Kiran & Adarsh

7 years, 4 months, 2 weeks. And, it was time for the "I do". Kiran and Adarsh exchanged vows and started off as Husband and Wife.

Roseanne & Ashwin · Wedding, Margao, Goa

Roseanne & Ashwin

On a nice quiet December afternoon, Roseanne and Ashwin decided to walk down the aisle and say "I Do" at the Holy Spirit church at Margao.

Ninella & Elston – Wedding, Goa

Ninella & Elston

The day when Ninella Fernandes and Elston Dennis decided to walk down the aisle and walk back out later as husband and wife.

Melanie & Daniel – Wedding, Goa

Melanie & Daniel

Here's a couple that has been madly in love for the past 7 years (and counting). Yet they still act like two love-struck teenagers.

Tushar & Abigail – Wedding, Goa

Tushar & Abigail

After saying “I do” in a fairytale white wedding, Tushar and Abigail decided to get married again, Indian-style! And it was one colourful celebration.

Abigail & Tushar – Wedding, Goa (Panjim)

Abigail & Tushar

Abigail and Tushar traveled over a 1000 miles from USA to scenic Goa to finally say “I Do” after being in a committed relationship for a good 4 years.

Anna & Mark – Wedding, Goa (Patnem)

Anna & Mark

Anna and Mark decided to start a new chapter in their lives on a pleasant evening at the Patnem beach while the sun set into the Arabian sea.

Lekha and Patanjali – Wedding, Hyderabad

Lekha & Patanjali

A whirlwind love story later, Lekha and Patanjali decided to tie the knot on a lovely warm night in June 2011.

Marie-dale and Rohit – Wedding, Goa

Marie-dale & Rohit

On May 7, 2011, Marie-dale (Md) and Rohit decided to walk down the aisle. The wedding was at the Chapel of Mount Mary, atop a hill, overlooking old Goa.

Sybel & Darryn – Wedding, Goa (Candolim)

Sybel & Darryn

Sybel and Darryn, exchanged vows at the Our Lady of Good Hope Church in Candolim and then headed off to the beach for an afternoon of non-stop fun.

Evita & Ryan – Wedding, Goa

Evita & Ryan

St. Diogo Church, Guirim was the setting for the “I dos”. The party continued at Severina Gardens, where everyone enjoyed a night of fun and celebrations.

Rebyl and Daniel – Wedding, Hyderabad

Rebyl & Daniel

A chance meeting in Muscat and 8+ years of courtship later, Rebyl and Daniel decided the time has come to seal the deal!