The Patel’s Family Shoot at Arossim Beach, Goa
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The Patel’s Family Shoot at Arossim Beach, Goa

Shooting kids, especially ones who have a mind of their own, can seemingly be so challenging. They never want to pose, they can’t stay still for even a second and patience is not their strongest forte. But that’s what often works for the photographs. It’s fun to capture the little ones in their element. No filters whatsoever.

The twin boys, from this particular family, were so much fun to observe. They were constantly sharing knowing and mischievous glances with each other like two co-conspirators in a secret world of their own making. They seemed to be consciously devising ways to sabotage our plan to get the perfect family portrait by sticking their tongues out or turning the other way when we shot them. It was so much fun to watch the twins’ playful banter and camaraderie that made these photographs truly come alive.

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