The Tambes at the Siridao Beach, Goa
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The Tambes at the Siridao Beach, Goa

Some evenings in Goa can really take your breath away. A hot and bright day can suddenly make way for a unexpectedly stunning evening with skies that looks like it was painted by an Impressionist artist. These photographs are from one such evening.

The baby whisperer and I got an opportunity to shoot a beautiful family who were holidaying in Goa for a few days.

Shooting with families is always fun because even when they are trying put on their best face for a perfect photo, their personalities and little quirks always shine through when they are interacting with each other. We try to stay at a distance, not get too close and let them stroll, talk, walk and just do their thing. After the first few minutes, they tend to forget that there is a camera focused on them and that’s when we get the best pictures.

The littlest of the girls was a curious, energetic child who had everyone running around her. As they walked along the beach, they stopped to look at dead sea critters, inspect the shells strewn around, dip their feet in the warm waters and pose for some portraits.

As the evening progressed, we had one of those perfect postcard sunsets which made for lovely photographs. It was one of those times, we were glad that what we do makes us get out and share these little moments of joys with wonderful people.

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