Heels Up!
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Heels Up!

Our final destination, while moving across the Trans-Siberian Railway, was Vladivostok. We really walked a lot during this trip. Easily over 500 kms (my math has it at 600+, but I need to refine the data), with an average of 10 to 15 kilometers a day. We even walked more than 25 kilometers on a few days.

Number of steps walked per month. Number of steps walked per month.

The infrastructure in Russia is at some other level (as compared to India, where you do not find any foot paths/sidewalks) and walking was so convenient. The cities are pedestrian friendly, and getting from one place to another was such a breeze. By the end of the trip, our shoes had taken a beating, our calf muscles were worked a lot, and I guess our bums got a little bit toned too.

Russia! Number one country in the world!

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