The cool little baby-man!
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The cool little baby-man!

Meet Baby J. Look at that beautiful face!!

I guess some of you might have met him before. He is the cool baby-man who we hang out with at times. He used to point at stuff and say, “There!” and used to click his tongue at a very young age. But over the past few months his vocabulary has improved a lot. As of now, we still classify him as “illiterate”, since he does not know how to sign and had to put his thumb impression on his passport.

Baby J & Baby Brielle

Since Baby J hasn’t passed class 8th yet, he doesn’t understand how weight works. He tries to lift (not a baby anymore) Baby Brielle all the time. I guess I’ll have to educate him about gravity et al. He is good at identifying vegetables and cars though.

Baby J also steals my coins all the time. Throws a cute smile and tries to act all innocent after that. Little does he know that he is going to jail in 18 years!

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