Great Photos from Flickr!
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Great Photos from Flickr!

Fed up with a ton of ‘media houses’ and other users using my photographs without permission, I decided to create Great Photos, a website that allows you to find great photos via Flickr. As you know Flickr has an amazing collection of photos and their API is brilliant, which enables you to have easy access to these photos and all the data.

The objective of Great Photos is to get people searching for photographs to connect easily with the photographers. The focus in mainly on:

  1. The photographer and his/her Flickr photo stream, contact page and the photograph
  2. Licensing infomation
  3. Sizes available for download
Great Photos (Image Details)

Searching for Creative Commons photographs is made easy. All you need to do is check the Creative Commons checkbox and your search results will only display photographs that are licensed using the various CC licenses.

Great Photos (Creative Commons Search)

Make sure to click on the license to know what usage rights you have.

Great Photos (Creative Commons Photo)

And that’s about it!

Please note, this us a very basic UI with minimum features. Which means things can break! I’ll be working on this in the coming months to improve the user experience. Also, the website displays well on desktops right now. I’ll make it mobile and tab friendly later. A lot of intelligence will also be built into the website in the coming months.

If you have any bugs, feature requests or feedback, please leave in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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